Offer the EPI Certification

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Offering EPI Certifications provides benefits to each of the following:

  • Personnel Certification Bodies
  • Governments
  • Accreditation Bodies
  • Certification Bodies
  • Certified Individuals

Personnel Certification Bodies (PCBs)

EPI provides oversight for the certification schemes and exams to minimize the effort for PCBs to provide oversight of their certification programs.  The turnkey EPI certifications are ready for ISO / IEC 17024 accreditation, and provide revenue opportunities.


EPI works closely with governments to make sure their certification programs align with government priorities for energy related polices, regulation and initiatives.  EPI promotes international standards, such as, ISO 50001,  as an effective and economical means to bolster industrial competitiveness and achieve national goals (e.g., energy security, economic growth, mitigation of climate impacts).    The EPI certificationa assist governments with professional development and building workforce capacity.

Accreditation Bodies

EPI works to ensure government policies  are aligned with ISO standards, which help accreditation bodies reduce non-conformities and streamline witness and surveillance audits.  EPI is focused on expanding certification programs that are consistent with international standards to provide a stable auditing structure that does not change.

Certification Bodies

EPI certifications make it easier for Certification Bodies to identify qualified auditors to hire as staff or contractors on their audit teams.   By having a high quality program that produces better and more consistent results, Certification Bodies achieve more consistent accreditation reviews across all participating countries.

Certified Individuals

Becoming EPI certified increases your business opportunities by providing multi-country recognition of your credential.  Visibility in the EPI-Certified registry gains exposure to other countries as well as enhances your reputation with Certification Bodies.